* Why the divine principle appeals to our heart.

Festivals of Light

{ 2023 } Light is the eternal flame of creation: the prime mover; the essential nature of our being. At the core of all things it flowers, filling every soul with radiant, generative powers.  Just as stardust forms the living frame of the body, so does light deliver harmony and coherence into the ceaseless wheel-work of the mind. It is light that shepherds us onward into the world, and light by which we are nourished, ever after, even to the end of time.  When we lift our face to the sun, moon and stars, a heavenly sacrament thus completes its cycle, and an ancient celestial embrace is thereby enshrined – like long lost lovers restored, so gently entwined.

On the loftiest peak atop earthly evolution, our enchantment with the sky was born, of primal instinct, sincere adoration and desire; and as this attraction has ripened, our raptures have swelled in a choir. Old harvest rites across the land inspired a new reverence for light in the firmament on high, the animating force, by which movement all such bounty derives. Thus is the influence of light of a most transcendent kind: for near at hand we feel its soft glow to be the very fountainhead of organic vitality – and swept along upon the cosmic currents of epochal space and time, its resplendent aura bears the unmistakable signature of the sublime. 

A hidden magic waxes crescents and imbues their shifting hues, driving iridescent flows and crowning all in nested halos, in playful tryst with the shadows of its own design. For starlight shines the brightest in the blackest of the night, just as candles warm and soothe us in the bleakest wintry twilight. Such relief thus spurs remembrance of our own dear sacred presence: the undying love that sparkles from within; a nobility of spirit to rekindle us afresh, and just before the chilly frost has settled in. This truth springs forth at every turn, suffused in nature from the start – and firmly pressed, with stamp and seal, on each heroic human heart.